LTA Pilot Instruction

If your fascination for balloons extends beyond a desire to experience a once in a lifetime ride and you wish to obtain your pilot's certifiate, we can help.

It takes about 15 hours of 'hands on' instruction to obtain the flying skills required to sit and pass your private pilot's flight test.  Most students complete the training in one to three months.  However, training times vary because much depends upon the student.

We can prepare you for the written FAA knowledge tests and provide you with the equipment and instruction required to prepare for the Practical Standards Test (oral and flight) given by a designated FAA Flight Examiner.

A licensed pilot must have completed ground school and flight training with a certified hot air commercial pilot.  The stages of the process consists of the following:

Step 1 - Student Pilot:
Every applicant starts as a student.  Your flight instructor will help you obtain a Student Pilot Certificate from your local FAA office or an FAA Designated Examiner.  If you have already obtained an FAA Certificate to pilot any other type of aircraft, a new certificate is not required.  when your instructor feels you have met all of the requirements, he or she may authorize you to perform solo flights.  You are then able to practice flying by yourself (under your instructor's supervision) without passengers and while holding the appropriate log book endorsements.

Step 2 - Private Pilot
To become a private pilot, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be at least 16 years of age.
  • Read, speak, arite and understand English.
  • No medical certificate is required, however you must certify that you do not have any known medical defects that would prevent you from piloting a balloon.
  • You must pass a written test that will include: FAA Regulations covering pilot privileges, limitations, and flight procedures; Two flights of at least 30 minutes; One ascent to 3,000 feet above takeoff point; One solo flight.

Step 3 - Commercial Pilot
To become a commercial pilot, you must fulfill the following minimum requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Read, speak, write and understand English.
  • Hold at least a Private Pilots Certificate.
  • Have at least 35 hours of training, including 20 hours in balloons, which must include the following: 10 flights in balloons; 10 hours of flight training that includes at least 15 flights with an instructor; 2 flights as pilot in command; 1 ascent to 3,000 feet above the takeoff point; 2 flights of 1-hour duration each, within 60 days prior to the rating application; Pass the written FAA knowledge test (or at a minimum, hold a Private Pilot Certificate for powered aircraft); Pass the practical knowledge test (oral and flight) given by a designated FAA Flight Examiner.


Using OUR equipment:
$350.00 per hour of dual instruction.


Using YOUR equipment:
$150.00 per hour of dual instruction
(you must also supply the chase)